Water Ministry


Friday Night Mitchell Street Water Ministry

7:30pm Friday nights we gather in the carpark at Woollies, load the eskies with bottled water and ice, pray, and head for Mitchell Street, opposite Shenanigans. We offer people cold water and explain we’re from a local church.  We look for opportunities to talk to people about Jesus and we try to give A Gospel of John: “Here’s some good news for you.” Or a gospel tract: “Here’s how you can have eternal life!”

We try to start conversations where we listen to people and tell the gospel. People are endlessly different. Backpackers are typically young, curious, and on a journey in one way or another. We have gospels and other literature in Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc. The approach of “Where are you heading?” is a natural way to begin a conversation.

Each week about 50 people take a John’s Gospel, or hear the good news explained (often for the first time in their life).

In terms of the DBC vision, many people in Darwin are getting to hear the good news of Jesus, and through the giving of free cold water and prayer, see it in action.

Another huge blessing is the fellowship we enjoy, the mutual discipling, and the growing of our faith, our love for the lost, and our confidence in the power of the gospel and his Spirit.

At the end of a night we pray, and often thank God for his faithfulness despite us. We praise him and celebrate that his word has gone forth, and that our heavenly Father has given us the great privilege and joy to be part of his work.

Please consider giving this a try yourself. It really is easier than you might think! We’d like to develop this ministry and help others get involved. It’s fine to just drop by and observe. There’s a vital role too in prayer support which you could be part of. Pray about it.