Social Justice & Advocacy


The social justice team within DBC endeavours to highlight issues of social concern back to the church and respond through action and advocacy.

It is important to recognise that Jesus mission is also ours and that God desires us to act to bring justice to the oppressed and hope for the lost (Luke 4:18-19).

Baptist World Aid Australia is an organisation we support who empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty, challenge injustice and build resilience.  We seek to encourage our church to give to regular support via child sponsorship along with special offerings taken during the year for various appeals.

Since mandatory detention was first introduced in Australia, thousands of children have suffered in onshore and offshore detention centres and been denied their freedom and basic human rights. Every child deserves to be free and have the right to grow in a healthy and safe environment, regardless of how they arrive in Australia.

To speak on behalf of these children and other vulnerable people held in detention we have:

  • Sent letters to Federal politicians
  • Regularly visited asylum seekers being detained at Wickham Point. It is great that we can partner with local non-faith based organisations like DASSAN in providing this support.
  • Visited our Federal member to discuss issues related to the treatment of asylum seekers and indigenous wellbeing.
  • Supported “Love Makes a Way” an Australian Christian group who use non-violent political protests to speak out against injustice towards asylum seekers. This is bringing many church denominations together in Darwin and around Australia in activities such as Christmas Carols and Palm Sunday events.

In addition to advocacy for asylum seekers in detention, numerous people within DBC have become involved in another local non-faith based organisation called Melaleucha. This group supports new refugees who have been resettled in Darwin. This provides a great opportunity for DBC to demonstrate God’s love, build new friendships and share the gospel.

Human trafficking is another major issue of injustice confronting our world. Through the men’s Ping Pong event (an interdenominational event) in 2015 we were able to contribute around $6000 to support organisations who oppose trafficking of women and children in South East Asia.

Please pray for our team that God will give us wisdom and courage as we seek to oppose injustice and speak and act for those who have no voice and no rights.