Outreach and Mission


What are we here for?

Missio Dei is a Latin term meaning the mission of God, which refers to God’s sending of the church to work on his behalf. Mission is derived from the Trinitarian nature of God who sent his son in the incarnation and Jesus, who sent the Holy Spirit to continue his work. God’s purpose or mission is to redeem people into his family and our mission flows from his.

The disciples were sent by Jesus to preach and demonstrate the kingdom of God (Matt 10:5-8) and we are also sent (John 17:18) to make disciples, baptise and teach (Matt 28:18-20). There will be many challenges as we follow Jesus mission (Matt 10:16-20), but we need to be faithful despite the difficulties.

So what are we here for? To obey God as he sends us out on mission and we seek to fulfill the vision of DBC.