DBC Kids


Kids church is available for primary aged children from Transition to Year 6

  • Sunday during the 9am service (registrations 8:55am)
  • Sunday during the 5pm service (kids go out for sermon time)
Our Kids Church Vision

At Darwin Baptist Church we believe that children are precious and unique people. They have such an important role to play within our Church community. The vision of DBC Kid’s Church is: To develop a vibrant ministry in which children come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and become equipped in using their God-given gifts to reach out and care for others.
To build up children in a Christian faith that is R – E – A – L, relevant and independent through:

Relationship with God, teachers, parents and others within the Church community
Engaging environment that is safe, caring and fun
Active learning – having kids actively involved &
Loving God and each other through sharing and serving

To engage and work together with parents and kids in reaching out to unchurched families – providing a point of connection for them with the DBC community.

DBC Creche

On Sunday morning – 9am service and evening – 5pm service, rostered supervision is offered concurrent with the sermon. Creche provides opportunity for:

Children to enjoy safe and happy play
Parents to listen to sermon
Parents on rostered supervision to enjoy fellowship
During the second service (11am) the Creche Room is available for parents to supervise their own children. Enquiries to creche@dbc.org.au

Child Protection

At Darwin Baptist Church we value the safety of each child. Therefore, our leaders are trained through CACET – Child Abuse Consultancy Education and Training. CACET’s primary goal is to protect children from all forms of abuse and sexual exploitation.

In accordance with NT Government regulations each leader working with children is an Ochre Card holder.