Connect Groups


At DBC we value Connect Groups and see them as our primary platform for Pastoral Care

Connect groups vary to meet the needs of all ages and stages and are available almost every day of the week.

Monday evenings, weeklyDurack – All welcome.  Small children may be put to bed.

Monday evenings, weekly – 7.30pm – Karama/Malak

Monday evenings, weeklyVarious Homes – University age to late 20’s group, mixed singles and couples

Tuesday morning, fortnightlyChurch cafe – Ladies KYB group

Tuesday evenings, weeklyNorthern Suburbs – All welcome

Wednesday evenings, weeklyVarious (Nth suburbs & Darwin) – Adult gathering

Wednesday evenings, weeklyDurack – All welcome.  Currently families with toddlers and junior primary aged children and the kids go to bed.

Thursday evenings, weeklyNorthern Suburbs – People in their 20s and 30s, couples and singles

Thursday evenings, weeklyVarious Homes – Post school/university age to late 20’s group, singles and couples

Thursday evenings, fortnightlyParap – All welcome. Primarily adult couples

Thursday evenings, weeklyPalmerston – Young adult singles & couples

Friday evenings, weeklyAnula – Families with school aged children. Shared meal from 6 to 9pm

Our Connect Groups are the basic building blocks of our church life.  We encourage everyone to belong to a Connect Group where we connect with Jesus and each other.

Our Connect Groups are where caring for each other takes place and where we explore living as Christians in a hectic and pressured world. It’s where we connect the teachings of the Bible and where we hold each other accountable.

Our Connect Groups have a balanced, three-way focus

  • Connect upward God-directed worship and prayer,
  • Connect inward Caring and praying for each other and learning together from God’s Word, the Bible, and
  • Connect outward Encouraging each other to pray, sharing the Good News of Jesus with friends in the community.

Why should you join a DBC Connect Group?

  • To be in a place where you can build relationships and care for one another through encouragement, friendship and practical expressions of love and kindness.
  • To be in a place where Christians are encouraged and held accountable for reaching out to the unchurched and welcoming them into the Church.
  • To be in a place where you and your family can grow together and apply your faith in today’s culture.

It is in our Connect Groups where we make authentic and enduring relationships with others and where we find encouragement and courage to become all that God wants us to be. It’s where we are stretched to grow beyond the ordinary.

Get connected to a DBC Connect Group to discover the extraordinary person God intends you to be.

To find a connect group that’s just right for you contact: