Church Ministries


As a thriving Christian community the vision of Darwin Baptist Church is for every person in the Greater Darwin Area to Hear the good news of Jesus, see it in action, have an opportunity to respond and become faithful Christ followers.

Our leadership structure and ministries have been identified to align with and support the overarching vision of DBC.  Portfolios of responsibility have been developed and divided into five key areas:-

  • Outreach & Mission – Outreach and Mission are essential to the whole vision of DBC.  It begins here:  with us!
  • Discipling & Pastoring – Discipleship is being a ‘faithful Christ follower’ | Disciples speak and live the good news of Jesus.
  • Children & Youth – As a vital part of our church community, Children and Youth are discipled in becoming faithful Christ followers.
  • Sunday Gatherings – Sunday Gatherings provide key opportunities to: build community | for people to hear, see, respond, become
  • Operations & Finance – The operations and finance team exists to aid the practical, effective and efficient operation of the church by providing administrative and organizational support.

While our staff team head up each of these areas of responsibility they in turn have teams of volunteers who work with them to equip and encourage a whole of church participation in all aspects of church ministry.

All of these ministries are essential to the whole vision of DBC.  It begins here: with us!