Children and Youth


Children & Youth Ministries

Our children and youth are valued and seen as an integral part of our church community, while we seek to meet the unique needs and challenges of these stages.

Children and youth have a special place in God’s family.  They are to be nurtured and trained as they develop their understanding of God’s world.  This is done both in the home and within the context of our church community.

Our strategies to achieve our purpose :-

  • To provide age-specific environments that are fun and engaging and where the Gospel can be presented and young Christ-followers can be discipled.
  • To offer children and youth opportunities to explore Christian faith that is real, relevant and owned by them.
  • To equip Children and Youth to use their God-given gifts to serve in the body of Christ and to reach out and care for others.
  • The end goal is to have our children and youth being valued and integral parts of our church community, simultaneously meeting the unique needs and challenges of these stages.

Kids Church (for transition to year 6) is held Sundays 9am & 5pm during the School term

Youth Group (for years 7 to 12) is held Fridays from 7 to 9pm during the School term